Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Worst Email To Receive


The Worst Email To Receive

I just began promoting a wonderful product but I waited two weeks after I was introduced to it. 

High expectations were mine with every email I sent to family, friends, and business associates. 

Imagine my SHOCK when I received the following:
I am so sorry to have just received your email and product offer.
I signed up a week ago with Brian.
I would have signed with you but I didn’t know you were promoting it also.
I am sooooo sorry.

Don’t get an email like this because you waited too long to ACT.
It really is true that the early bird gets the worm.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bamble Scramble Word Games Puzzles

Bamble Scramble

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Do you like word game puzzles? 

Do your children need help with spelling and word recognition?

Do you need 3 & 4 letter words for your Scrabble game? 

Bamble Scramble
is a fantastic word game for both Adults and Children.

Titles Available:
Bamble Scramble - ANIMALS
Bamble Scramble - FOODS
Bamble Scramble - DISNEYLAND
Bamble Scramble - PRINCESS
Bamble Scramble - SUMMER FUN

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How To Play
Here is how you play Bamble Scramble.  You are given a "word" of 6 letters scrambled.  You are to unscramble the 6 letters and form as many 3, 4, 5, and 6 letter words that you can.

Let's use I O N N O S as an example.  Here are the words you can make:
     3 Letter Words:
4 Letter Words
Five Letter Words
Six Letter Words
Bamble Scramble has 3 levels.  Easy in which the first letter of the word is supplied (I _ _ ).  Medium where the last letter is provided ( _ _ N).  And Difficult is the level where no hints or help is given ( _ _ _).  Ten games are in the easy and medium levels and five in the difficult level.

 Bamble Scramble is only available for the Kindle at this time.

 Other themes to be released of Bamble Scramble are:
I am sure you and your children will enjoy Bamble Scramble!